Fix Your Password Problems with 2FA

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The evolution of the cat and mouse game that is password policies has been a long and troubling one. Make ’em long. Make ’em strong. Change them often. Change them again. You forgot the symbol. No the other symbol.

According to this blog post from early 2018 on Teknologya, “Among the most used passwords of 2017 there are many great classics, such as the timeless ” 123456 “, ” qwerty “, the same word ” password ” and not missing some fantasist who goes up to the number nine with ” 123456789 “ “. Wow. Rock and a hard place. People want their data and services secure, and they deserve them to be. But with people doing things like that, well… that’s a tough sell.

Enter 2FA – or 2 Factor Authentication. All the rage these days, and rightfully so. By adding another element to your authentication process, such as a notification on your phone, to your email, or even a trigger from a physical device (such as YubiKey), the risk of a compromised password goes down significantly. Without BOTH factors being validated, the user cannot get in.

These technologies are no longer only for the Enterprise.

Our Envision Cloud has 2-Factor Authentication available at no additional cost for both our services, and our Envision Cloud Control Panel. We have partnered with Duo to expand 2FA to workstations, servers, and other cloud services.

Contact us today for a complimentary security evaluation, and learn how implementing 2FA for your business can decrease risk and increase security to your critical data.

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